Mental Health: Global Challenges of XXI Century
  • MHC systems in the context of global social challenges
  • Mental health and migration
  • Mental health and community
  • Specific issues of MHC: child neuropsychiatry; support of disabled people, elderly age people; MHC in rural areas; addictive behavior
  • Inter- and transdisciplinarity to address issues in Global Mental Health

The world of Global Mental Health is wide, broad and complex, with majority of the of the issue surpassing the border of the single discipline. Among the professional disciplines needed to address the raising problems within Global Mental Health are: psychology, psychiatry, public health, medicine, health systems, sociology, anthropology, epidemiology and many others.

Due to the complexity of the issues, it is increasingly important to ensure collaboration and studies that are implementing a broad range of methods and are assessing the problem from several angles and points of view. Moreover, it is important to start working with transdisciplinary methods that ensure that all stakeholders are included in the research process.

This section aims to serve as a platform for discussion of the innovative approaches to the study of Global Mental Health issues. The focus would be on mixed methods studies, multi and interdisciplinary studies and transdisciplinary approaches

  • Other: we are open to consider your suggestions of topics and questions for discussions during this conference

Fields covered:

Medicine, Social Science, Education, Economic, Law, Inter- and Multi-disciplinary studies

Content (program):

We aim to focus our activities on building and improving professional skills of specialists in Mental Health Care:

  • Sharing of good practices in the field of Mental Health Care
  • Seminar, workshops
  • oral and e-poster presentations of research studies
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